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The importance and necessity of the informationization of mould enterprise management, points out the role of informatization in improving the productivity, reducing cost and improving quality of mould enterprises, and combining with case analysis, further puts forward the solution of mould enterprise informatization based on specialized management system iM3.
Generally speaking, the mold enterprises are small and medium-sized enterprises, mostly from the workshop-type enterprises to grow up, and even at present there are many mold enterprises are workshop-style management, in the mold delivery time, cost, quality control aspects of the problem layer. In the face of fierce market competition, backward management tools and levels, so that the management and technical personnel in the mold enterprises are only exhausted, enterprises invested heavily in the introduction of CAD/CAM system and high-end CNC processing equipment is also difficult to play a due efficiency and level, the enterprise lacks vitality and competitiveness. These problems have aroused many aspiring international advanced level of the mold enterprises in line with the high attention, how to improve the level of enterprise management, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises has become the mold manufacturing industry in China to participate in international market competition urgent need to solve the problem.
Therefore, mold manufacturing enterprises to improve the level of management, with rapid response and timely adjustment of the ability, not a set of advanced management system to achieve the management of information is very difficult to do. It is an effective way to improve the management level of enterprises to realize the integrated management of mould manufacturing enterprises through information construction.
Mold is a typical order of the production of a single piece of the industry, each order with the customer to carry out detailed business and technical communication, otherwise it will have serious consequences. Below is the mold enterprise and customer information communication is not sufficient two examples:
Case 1. A large mold factory to undertake a new Japanese customer mold orders, the Japanese custom orders issued, with the mold factory design staff to carry out detailed technical communication, the mold put forward a very detailed design requirements, mold factory According to the requirements of the design can be, no need to confirm the design drawings. And die Factory design staff after the completion of the design, but still according to the Customs of the United States customer orders, waiting for the customer to confirm the design after the purchase of mold racks and materials, has been waiting for 10 days, just know that customers do not need to confirm the drawings. As a result, the mold extension of 10 days, the customer is not satisfied, and no longer orders, this lost a very potential customers.
Case 2. A mold factory to undertake a new customer mold orders, the customer's injection molding factory has a strict production safety standards-how many tons of molds must use the rings. The problem was overlooked because of the lack of detailed technical communication. The mould designer chooses the rings according to the custom of this factory, the result is smaller than the customer standard a specification, causes the mold to deliver the customer, only then discovers does not meet the request, can only carry the mold to return, the processing rings hole, the entire process cost surpasses million, simultaneously also affected the customer's production.
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